Frost Valley Collectibles Packages

Frost Valley Collectibles Packages

by Adminestrone

If you love great courses, or if you just love great discs, here’s your chance to be part of building one of the most amazing courses in the world. To help us complete an amazing disc golf experience, Skeet Scienski has created a masterpiece for the new course at the Frost Valley YMCA in Claryville, New York. This upcoming HouckDesign destination course features huge hills, huge views, and some of the most epic holes of John’s career.   It will also have a “mini-course” for younger players and players with disabilities, so that they can experience disc golf for the first time.

Skeet’s spectacular take the Frost Valley course is not any individual hole – instead it incorporates key features from throughout the course to help capture the essence of the FV experience. We’ve made a limited number of discs with the full-color logo, and we’ve stamped up a brand new disc with the hotstamp version. Every purchase of these collectible jewels helps us do what we do best – create the most memorable disc golf experiences on the planet. The Frost Valley discs are just the first in a new series of HouckDesign collectibles.

Here’s how you can support our efforts and get yourself a little piece of disc golf history. You can complete the form below and pay using your credit card or PayPal, or if you prefer to not pay online you can call us with your order at 512-970-9001.