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What Clients and Players are Saying about HouckDesign Disc Golf Courses

John Houck designed the International Disc Golf Center's W.R. Jackson Memorial South Course which opened in 2007. It is among his most technical Championship courses, with a gauntlet of skilled shots over its unique land features.

"I hear great things from all that play at Steeplechase Park. If the need and want for another course comes in, John Houck will be the only one to design and plan the course."
-- Kerry B. Urbanowicz - Director
City of Kyle Parks & Recreation

"The things I enjoy most about Houck's courses are the variety, use of land, and "risk vs. reward" factor. I've played 9 of his courses, and I don't recall being able to throw the same shot over and over again on any of them (with any level of success), which is one of the main things that keeps me going back again and again."
-- Rusty Pappas, Disc Golfer

"Our first goal was to bring a course to the island of Nantucket that was truly world-class, but more importantly, was also extremely appealing to beginners.

Complicating the challenge were environmental, archeological, and historic district restrictions. Additionally, the park in which the course was to be built was already being used by dog walkers & other recreation seekers, and the land abutted several long-occupied homes.

Only the best and most experienced designer, we believed, would be able to design a course that addressed all of our needs and all of the concerns within the community. And that is why we selected John Houck as the designer of the Nantucket Disc Golf Course. I’m extremely glad we made that choice. Once it came time to design the course, John was fully aware of how the course should be designed such that it addressed our needs and the community’s concerns.

In the end, John designed a championship-caliber course that, in just a few short months, has become incredibly popular with the most advanced players on the island and throughout New England. More importantly though, the course has attracted younger players and families who now regularly come out to enjoy one of Nantucket’s only healthy, year-round, inexpensive recreational alternatives.

Whether you are looking for a course that is world-class or beginner-friendly, or you desire a course that addresses the community’s concerns and the needs and desires of the current park-goers and park neighbors, John Houck is the man for the job. In our case, John was able to help us overcome an unbelievable number of obstacles, and meet the many challenges that came our way and I can’t imagine anyone else would had the experience and know-how to do this in the way that John did. I absolutely recommend John for anyone who is looking to design a course. Though local players and landscape architects might be able to design a playable course, nobody but the world’s most experienced course designer can design a unique and fun, re-playable course that can meet all your needs and the needs of the community."

-- Todd Rainwater, Founder & President of Nantucket Disc Golf

"While working on the construction of the City of Bee Cave Central Park project and having disc golf course designed by a Park designer, you would think fine tuning wasn't even necessary. But we learned from experience that there's a big difference between a park planner and a professional who specializes in disc golf course design.

John Houck's experience, professionalism, and motivation certainly contributed to a much safer course, and the way he incorporated the hills and creek banks made it just phenomenal. It just blew my mind.

In the end, if think you might save money by designing it yourself, think twice -- you will most probably end up spending more or settling for a mediocre course. We wouldn't hesitate to point any parks department towards www.HouckDesign.com and John Houck."
-- Giancarlo Patino, Engineer Associate
-- Felix Benavides, City Engineer

"When it comes to spending tax payer dollars there is an obligation to do the best you can for those citizens. I've been involved with the installation of five disc golf courses over the last 25 years, and I've learned that 'you definitely get what you pay for.' I have always been very happy with the work of John Houck and his company. At this point, I wouldn't even consider using anyone else to design a new course."
-- Jim Rodgers, Director of Parks and Recreation * Williamson County, Texas

"John Houck is synonymous with excellence in disc golf course design. His knowledge of disc sports is unparalleled and he is perhaps the most celebrated designer in the sport today. His courses have been played by thousands and have been used in regional, national and international tournaments including the Disc Golf World Championships. John's attention to detail and ability to challenge disc golfers of all skill levels made him the obvious choice to oversee the development of the three courses at the PDGA International Disc Golf Center.
I would highly recommend John Houck to anyone seeking to develop a quality facility."

--Brian Graham, Professional Disc Golf Association, Executive Director, Augusta, GA

"We are extremely excited to have a firm of the caliber of Houck Design create a disc golf course for the Met Center development, as well as to be the first business park in the world with a disc golf course as an amenity. Hopefully we will be trendsetters that will bring a higher level of coolness to business parks everywhere."
-- Howard Yancy, President of Zydeco Development


  Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services
Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services

Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services