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Course Design by John Houck
The world's most experienced designer

As a Master Disc Golf Course designer, John Houck has raised the practice of course design to an art form. John's involvement with a course design brings a guarantee of quality, prestige, and traffic from name recognition, plus instant credibility among experienced disc golfers. John Houck's designs at Selah Ranch Lakeside & Creekside were ranked #1 & #2 in in the world through reviews by players for 3 years. Lakeside Selah held the #1 spot for six years until it dropped to the #2 spot, with John’s new design at Strawn Park, Columbia, Mo., Harmony Bends Disc Golf Course, taking the #1 spot, according to www.dgcoursereview.com. DGCourseReview is the oldest and most widely used player ranking site in disc golf.

Why HouckDesign?

• Your course becomes a regional attraction & players will travel to play on our courses.
• The economic impact of our courses is much greater to a community or resort.
• We provide industry-leading techniques and innovations & a commitment and dedication to excellence.
• We have a reputation for quality that confers credibility that creates a unique appreciating asset where players will keep coming back to play.
• We will work with budgets of all types and work with you on how to make your course a reality through creative methods of funding.
• HouckDesign has the largest following with players on Facebook as a disc golf course designer and we promote and market your course.
• John Houck has over three decades of experience and study in disc golf course design. As a Master Designer, he teaches design through articles, conferences, presentations and has also taught a continuing education class through TAAF for Texas Parks and Rec staff.
• We Innovate by highlighting natural landscape and unique features that make the most out of what your land has to offer.

International Disc Golf Center Augusta Georgia

Zilker Park

What else we bring to the table at HouckDesign?

• It's an investment for safer courses
• We fulfill all your insurance requirements
• Knowledge of flight patterns of latest discs
• Professional step by step process that brings the community together
• Provides challenge and fun for all levels of players and repeat play due to unique multi-approach complex designs
• Marketing for your course as negotiated in the contract – unique to HouckDesign
• Usage of our name and rights to call your course a "Houck" course for years to come to preserve it's historic value over time

How We Can Work With You?

• Course Designs by John Houck, by HouckDesign team under John's supervision, or by Associates trained under John Houck
• Designs/Renovations for Municipalities, State, and National Parks, Private Facilities, and Resorts
• Alliances with Landscape Architecture firms, Construction and Engineering firms for sub-contracting, consulting, design training, and reviewing courses and/or staff
• Consulting/Training for other organizations interested in developing disc golf courses or learning disc golf course design.

The design of a disc golf course, more than any other factor, will determine how much people enjoy playing the course. Players may not want to use the course if it is too easy, too hard, too repetitive, or too confusing. A well-designed course uses the land to its fullest potential and employs four key ingredients: balance, variety, strategy, and character. These days players have more choices where they want to play and quality of design has become more important than in the past.

We work with parks departments, individuals, clubs, hotels and resorts, master-planned community developers, and any group interested in building a quality disc golf course or facility.

We offer the most innovative and complex fairways, as well as industry-leading course equipment including disc golf tee signs and disc golf targets and can work with any budget as we have various programs for funding.

Contact us today for a quote and details on how to bring a historic Houck course to your city. All you need is a good piece of land and the desire to have a quality disc golf course. We may even be able to help you raise money to cover the costs of equipment and design. We want to help you create something your community will be proud of, and a HouckDesign course will attract the most disc golf tourism.

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  Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services
Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services

Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services