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Course Reviews and Assessments by HouckDesign
When disc golf first started with players throwing disc at trees -- and then eventually into targets (baskets) -- the only people who knew anything about the game were the people who played it. Course designs were much simpler back then; today, with major changes in disc technology, player skill, and park usage, course design is a much more complicated proposition. That’s why there are now experienced professional course designers who understand not just the nuances of design, but a new set of fundamental principles that are the key to having a successful disc golf course. While designs will continue to evolve to meet the growth of the sport and the needs of the society, every disc golf course has to have a foundation in those basic principles. Unfortunately, many courses don’t have that foundation.

HouckDesign is now offering course design assessments to disc golf clubs, private course owners, individual designers, cities, counties, and anyone who is interested in getting assistance from the most experienced designers in disc golf. We offer many levels of assessments, including a basic assessment of the course routing on a map that you provide. You can also request custom assessments for any level of design, and even on-site assessments by John Houck or a HouckDesign Associate Designer.

We have created some innovative ways to offer this service remotely in order to eliminate travel expenses in many cases. Even our basic assessment service can still be very valuable in minimizing any concerns that are visible on a map. Of course, these remote assessment services are not comprehensive, and an on-site assessment is still the best and broadest assessment we offer.

Who can benefit from our review service?

  • Public and Private Course Stewards or Owners of New or Existing Courses
  • Parks and Recs, Private Course Owners, Colleges & Universities, etc.
  • Beginner or Advanced Disc Golf Course Designers of New or Existing Courses
  • Landscape Architects, Players, Disc Golf Clubs, City Planners & Staff, etc.
  • Anyone who is open to suggestions on how they can make their course better, whether the course is in the proposal stage or has been in the ground for years

How can you benefit from a review?

  • Reduce safety risks to other park users and players
  • Improve overall course quality
  • Discover design principles by HouckDesign
  • Greater long term enjoyment of the course
  • Get a second set of eyes on the design before installing

Types of courses we review

  • Small Recreational Courses 3 holes to 18 holes or higher
  • Community Courses
  • Smaller Tournament Courses
  • Destination Courses
  • World-Class Championship Courses

We now offer all levels and types of design services and reviews. We can offer assessments for anything from World-Class Championship courses all the way down to small community courses. Our pricing is based on the time and expenses it will take to perform the assessment. We may be able to offer some flexible payment options for on-site assessments on a case-by-case basis. The basic assessment can be a first step to modifying the design to reduce undesirable factors if any exist.

What levels of reviews are available?

1. Basic Assessment

The fee for the basic assessment is $200 for a 9-hole recreational course and $400 for an 18-hole recreational courses. Recreational courses are courses which are typically being designed by players or clubs and are frequently in mixed-use parks. The fairways are simpler and shorter, generally par three, with hole lengths typically under 300 feet. Our entry level reduced price for this service makes it easily affordable for just about everyone to have their course reviewed at this basic level.

For more advanced designs, the fees will increase some on a case-by-case basis, and we can offer a quote after a quick phone conversation. In some cases we would need to review the map of the area to offer a quote.

Our basic remote assessment will include the strengths and weaknesses in the design based on an examination of the map(s) you provide. This report can be useful for the client to understand design at a deeper level, so that the client can then easily incorporate changes if they choose. This is a limited report and can be used to identify and major problems with the design only.

2. Off-Site Advanced Assessment

While a comprehensive assessment from afar is not possible, we can offer another level of assessment through the use of technology. The fee for this consulting is an hourly-based fee and depends on the extent of the review. We can offer partial reviews of individual holes, all the way to a full course hole-by-hole review. Our step-by-step process makes it possible to review the holes remotely. Client will provide maps, videos, and photographs as needed. We will provide a written report with helpful information about each hole reviewed. This is not a redesign service, only a review.

We can add a redesign to the review at a reduced fee since we have already reviewed the property. Redesigns have to be done on site. However, the time would be reduced due to the fact a review has already been performed remotely.

3. On-Site Review and Assessment

For more in-depth assistance, an on-site review may be recommended in some instances. This is the most comprehensive assessment, and we charge based on the time required on site plus travel expenses. We will offer a hole-by-hole review in writing, possibly some maps, etc. If solutions are requested, we can offer our redesign, for an additional fee, during the same site visit to limit travel expenses.

4. Custom Assessments

We can offer our clients a custom assessment limited to their specific need or an expanded version that is not listed or described here. Please contact us with your request.

Why Review?

Disc golf course design has recently had to evolve to accommodate and consider the changes in the game. We’re now seeing greater distances in throwing skills, advancements in disc technology, and increased usage in parks, private facilities, and other public venues which host disc golf courses. So now there is greater emphasis on addressing issues that can negatively impact the course, players, and other park users. While we expect design to continue evolving, it is desirable to review and update designs -- for many reasons -- to keep up with the changes in the game and the sport.

We look forward to working with you, so please call us to discuss how we can work together with the goal of creating safer and smarter courses.

Please email us or call 512-970-9001 today to inquire about an affordable review and assessment of your course by the most experienced disc golf course design firm.

  Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services
Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services

Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services