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April 11-14, 2019, at Selah Ranch and Trey Texas Ranch, Mount Vernon, TX

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DGCR's Best Courses from 2011 to 2018
Selah Lakeside #1 for 6 years, Both courses still in Top Ten
Selah Lakeside #2 & Selah Creekside #9 in the World

DGCR’s Best Courses 2017 & 2018



Join us for the annual showdown of the World's top up-and-coming amateur doubles teams! The PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships (previously known as the PDGA National Doubles) was created by John Houck in 1991, and this year it takes an unprecedented leap forward with the addition of two new championship courses at the Trey Texas Ranch. Franklin County now has four premier HouckDesign courses -- Selah Lakeside, Selah Creekside, Trey-Deuce, and Texas Twist -- and we'll be using all four for this event.

For non-players, it's a great chance to see what disc golf is all about; you can watch the players in action, get tips from Pros, and test your hand at our special putting games.

This event is a PDGA True Amateur Major. There is a very generous player package from Infinite Discs, HouckDesign, Franklin County & Mt. Vernon and includes multiple meals, and trophies for the top players in each division.


Selah Ranch is one of the most beautiful and well-known destinations in the history of disc golf. In 2012 the Lakeside and Creekside courses were voted the top two courses in the world, based on reviews by players at dgcoursereview.com And in 2018 they continued their reign in the top ten after being ranked #1 & #2 for 5 years. Selah Ranch is about 8 miles north of Mt. Vernon (it's technically in Talco, TX).

The Trey Texas Ranch is the home of Texas' two latest and greatest championship disc golf courses. The Trey-Deuce and Texas Twist courses, with winding creeks and menacing ponds, offer some of the most fun and challenging holes players will ever encounter. The down home Texas Ranch atmosphere includes the Trey-Deuce Domino Saloon, well known to the area's top 42 players. Trey Texas is about 8 miles south of Mt. Vernon (it's technically in Purly, Texas).


Come and enjoy this world championship tournament and watch disc golf at two of the world's best disc golf facilities. We know you will be impressed when you see how far these discs are thrown.

Practice: From Monday, April 8th to Thursday, April 11th, registered players will be able to practice at Selah Ranch and Trey Texas for a special reduced greens fee of $10 per day at each location. Greens fees for tournament weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 12th-14th) are included in registration. Camping is available for $10 per person per night both during the event and prior to the event if you want to come early to practice. See Lodging Details below. See Lodging Details below.

Format: Everyone will play two rounds of Best Throw, one round of Best Score, and one round of Alternate Throw. Teams that make the finals will play Best Throw, Best Score, and Worst Throw.

Best Throw, also known as "Scramble," is the most common format for doubles in disc golf. Players always throw from the same lie, picking the shot they prefer each time.

Best Score, is similar to singles. Both players play their own disc and take the better score on each hole.

In Alternate Throw, players take turns throwing throughout the course. If one player makes the putt, the other player drives on the next hole.

In Worst Throw, players always throw from the same lie and take the worse shot every time. Both players must make their putts.

Entry Requirements: YOU MUST BE A CURRENT PDGA MEMBER TO PLAY IN THIS EVENT, AND YOU MUST HAVE PASSED THE PDGA OFFICIAL'S EXAM. You can register for the tournament now, but you must pay your dues and pass the exam before the event. Please do not plan to pay your dues at the event -- you must provide proof of membership before the event. If you have not yet passed the Officials Exam, you can take it at http://www.pdga.com/rules/becoming-a-pdga-official


Hotels & Motels: Information about Lodging in the area is up at Franklin County Area Lodging. Of course, Selah Ranch has great lodging on site, while it lasts. http://www.selahranch.com/

Camping: Camping has been arranged specially for this tournament at the rate of $10 per person per night at both Selah and at Trey Texas. Selah also has plug-ins for RV's: $30.00 per night for 30 amp and $45.00 per night for 50 amp. Please contact either one directly to reserve your camping/RV spot.

Selah Ranch: 903-632-1122 innkeeper@selahranch.com
Trey Texas Ranch: Call Diane at (903) 767-2683 dianenewsomadventures@yahoo.com

Breakfast and Lunch: Selah Ranch will be selling food at the club house for lunch and Trey will have food vendors on site.



Players Meeting & TEXAS STYLE BBQ DINNER: Enjoy a Texas style BBQ before the mandatory players meeting on Thursday night in Mt. Vernon.

  players meeting

Sponsorships: We need more sponsors of this major event. We have all levels of sponsorships available and some as low as $50 for a tee sign. For sponsorship information, please call Dee at 512-426-7722, or email contact@houckdesign.com

Volunteers: Due to the magnitude of this event, we need dozens of volunteers. You really shouldn't miss an opportunity to be a part of something this special. We also need disc golfers to spot, set up, hang up banners, post and pre event, etc., Please email contact@houckdesign.com to learn the benefits of volunteering and if we can use your help. All volunteers have to qualify and register ahead of time. We will be developing a volunteer schedule where we would need help starting Monday, April 8th through Sunday April 14th.

We thank all of our SPONSORS!

Infinite Discs


(Schedule is Subject to Change)

Monday April 8th - Wednesday April 10th
9:00am - 6:00pm   Both Ranches are open for practice play. Please check in at each Ranch and pay your $10 greens fee.

Thursday April 11th
9:00am - 5:00pm  Player check in – Selah Ranch
***You must check in before you are allowed on the courses Thursday***
6:00pm - 7:00pm  Welcome Players to Texas BBQ Sponsored by Mt. Vernon and the Chamber
7:00pm - 8:15pm  Opening ceremony / Mandatory players meeting

Friday April 12th
7:00am - 7:30am  Late Check in at Selah Ranch
8:15am  Round 1 starts for ALL POOLS
2:00pm  Round 2 starts for ALL POOLS
6:30pm - 9:00pm  Trey Texas Experience, Trey Texas Ranch

Saturday April 13th
8:15am  Round 3 starts for ALL POOLS
2:00pm  Round 4 starts for ALL POOLS
6:30pm  Ring of Fire, International Food Festival, Escape room, On the Courthouse Square, Downtown Mt. Vernon

Sunday April 14th
9:00am  Final 9 for top teams in each division.
12:00pm  Lunch and Award / Closing ceremonies, Selah Ranch Clubhouse

Event phone number: 512-970-9001

Sponsorship Phone number 512-426-7722 (Dee)

Event email HouckDiscGolf@gmail.com

PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championships logo
Players packs include:
  • Gift Certificate for merchandise
  • Custom Event Disc
  • Custom Event Mini
  • Custom Event Towel
  • BBQ Dinner Thursday night at mandatory players meeting
  • Awards Lunch on Sunday at Selah Ranch
  • Texas Ranch Party at Trey Deuce Friday night
  • Greens fees for 4 days to both courses. Friday-Sunday
  • Two Drawing tickets
  • PLUS – Many top winners in each division
  • Trophy Discs for the top teams in each division.
  • Larger divisions will have more many trophies -- Maybe as high as 7th place or more.
  • Smaller divisions will have at least 2nd place or 3rd place too– depending.

The trophies are artwork designed by a Texas artist Ester Benedict: http://estherbenedict.com/

These trophies have been given out since Selah Ranch opened in 2011 and have become a tradition.

Register at www.DiscGolfScene.com

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Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services

Circular Productions - Disc Golf Course Design, Disc Golf Equipment, Disc Golf Tournaments, Disc Golf Tee Signs, and other Disc Golf Services